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Advanced Coffee Crop Optimisation for Rural Development (IPP Case Study)

The ‘Advanced Coffee Crop Optimisation for Rural Development’ (ACCORD) programme used satellite technology and weather data in an innovative way to provide tailored information to smallholder farmers in Kenya and Rwanda on their coffee crops. The farmers could thus make more timely and informed crop management decisions that would increase their income. The project ran […]


Advanced Coffee Crop Optimisation for Rural Development (IPP Case Study)

This Case Study offers an overview of key successes and learnings of the UKSA IPP supported Advanced Coffee Crop Optimisation for Rural Development (ACCORD) project at the midpoint of implementation. The case study outlines the context within which the project is being implemented, the problem being addressed, solutions to the problem, partners involved, the pathway […]


Why Conscious Consumerism can Help Unlock Sustainability for Coffee Farmers

From the move to re-usable coffee cups and paper straws, to the purchasing of products from retailers with strong ethics statements, coffee-drinkers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of their consumption habits. To continue to meet demand, many businesses are implementing sustainability initiatives, showcasing their commitments to ethical procurement processes, and demonstrating their corporate social responsibility.


Advanced Coffee Crop Optimisation for Rural Development (ACCORD) (Earth-i) (IPP funded) Overview Advanced Coffee Crop Optimisation for Rural Development (ACCORD) provides proactive, targeted crop management information to improve the livelihoods and incomes of smallholder coffee farmers in Rwanda and Kenya. The crop management advice, which is delivered via a mobile app, is derived from satellite Earth observation (EO) and advanced micro-climate information. The information helps […]


UK Space Agency IPP – Advanced Coffee Crop Optimisation for Rural Development (ACCORD)

ACCORD, led by Earth-i and co-funded from the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Programme (IPP), uses satellite-enabled data to improve the livelihoods and incomes of smallholder coffee farmers. In November 2018, the IPP team travelled to Rwanda to meet with the international partners who help deliver the project’s impacts. Coffee is a crucial global commodity. […]


Publication of IPP Project Case Studies

The International Partnership Programme (IPP) seeks to bridge the space and development communities. Our projects utilise space technology to respond to development challenges on the ground. A key part of our programme is knowledge sharing; all of our IPP projects must produce a case study to publicise the progress of their work and the lessons learned.

Recent case studies include the PASSES project led by CGI. This project uses satellite radar technology to track the movement of peatlands across South East Asia.

Peatlands are a significant carbon store: between them, peatlands and organic soils contain 30% of the world’s soil carbon but only cover 3 percent of the Earth’s land area. These areas are at risk of degradation through intensive land use and mismanagement. Peatland conservation, restoration and improved management are low-hanging fruit for climate change mitigation and satellite enabled services like PASSES are essential for cost effective peatland management.

The ACCORD project lead by Earth-i have also recently published their case study. This project is working across Kenya and Rwanda helping farmers make timely, important decisions about crops with greater certainty than traditional methods.

The ACCORD project offers a smarter, data-driven solution by using satellite-enabled technology, combined with localised weather and ground truth data. The project so far has mapped nearly 50,000 fields, helping thousands of small-holder farmers make better decisions to improve the quantity and quality of the coffee they are producing.

The C-RISE project led by the National Oceanography Centre and Satellite Oceanographic Consultants is working with partners in Madagascar, Mozambique and Mauritius to provide satellite-derived data on sea level, winds, waves and currents to support vulnerable coastal populations in adapting to the consequences of climate variability and change.

The project enables institutions in the partner countries to work with the C-RISe products to inform decision-making. It enables effective uptake of C-RISe data by commercial and operational sectors in the region and contributes to the improved management of coastal regions, enabling these countries to build increased coastal resilience to natural hazards.

These are just some of the case study publications coming from the IPP programme. The majority of current IPP projects are due to run until March 2021 and we expect to continue to see the publication of further case studies and details of further impacts made.

A wider range of satellite enabled development solutions can be found in our Space solutions for Development catalogue; here we have collated a series of space enabled development tools. These tools respond to a full range of Development challenges and are aimed at operational users in developing countries.


What Does Innovation Taste Like?

Original post here. SF Bay Coffee Company is a shining example of innovations for smallholder farmers in the African coffee business designed to improve livelihoods and sustainability. Farming five hectares in Kigoma Sector SF Bay’s 20,000 coffee trees sit at 1,743-1,935 metres above sea level. This location experiences varying temperature levels of 16-25 degrees, perfect for […]


IPP ACCORD Project Endorsed by Farmers in Latest Survey Results

Original post here. The success of the ACCORD project relies critically on the enthusiastic adoption of the service by the farmers themselves. Even the smartest technology is ultimately useless if the users themselves don’t embrace it. A critical part of measuring the success and the impact of the ACCORD technology and service has therefore been […]


Land Cover Mapping (Remote Sensing Applications Consultants) (IPP funded) Overview Remote Sensing Applications Consultants (RSAC) offers bespoke land cover and land use mapping services based on Sentinel and commercial high- resolution satellite Earth observation (EO) data. Present day and historical output maps are suitable for development planning, including site suitability analysis relating to REDD+ afforestation projects, and input to natural capital valuation systems. […]


Ecometrica Forests 2020 Chiapas State – Mexico Application (IPP Case Study)

Forests 2020 is a £14.2 million investment from the UK Space Agency to help protect and restore up to 300 million hectares of tropical forests across six partner countries – Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Kenya and Ghana. Using Ecometrica’s digital infrastructure – the Mapping Platform – data from satellites, drones and fieldwork can be overlayed […]