Sector: Agriculture and Food Security


Beyond Borders: Satellite Applications for Humanitarian Emergencies

The UK Humanitarian Innovation Hub is a pilot programme, funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and hosted by Elrha, that seeks to identify the biggest challenges within and opportunities to address global humanitarian responses.  The objective of this report is to provide a consolidated view on the current use of satellite […]

Regional and National Rice Production Forecasting in Peru (IPP Case Study)

Remote Sensing Applications Consultants Ltd (RSAC) has developed a regional and national rice production forecasting system for Peru within the Regional and National Rice Production Forecasting in Peru project, part of the UK Space Agency’s (UKSA) International Partnership Programme (IPP). Overall, the project seeks to generate agrarian statistics on rice production required by government more […]

EO4cultivar – Increasing the resilience and sustainability of agricultural supply chains operating between Latin America and the UK (IPP case study)

This case study demonstrates the successes and learnings of EO4cultivar. It sets out the evidence of the project’s impact on commercial agricultural supply chains operating between Colombia, Peru, Paraguay and the UK. The project worked by: Using satellite imagery and data services to offer decision support tools that provide intelligence and insights on agricultural practices […]



SIBELIUs – Providing Alerts for the Emergency Services in Mongolia (IPP Project Blog)

The SIBELIUs project has been working in collaboration with Mongolia’s National Agency for Meteorology and Environmental Monitoring (NAMEM) and the PRISM initiative, supported by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to ensure that Mongolia’s National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) are alerted to adverse environmental conditions that might impact on Mongolia’s large herding community. This […]

UK Space Agency IPP’s Agri-Webinar

The UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Programme (IPP) hosted an online workshop on Thursday 29th October for the agricultural projects in IPP. Eleven projects attended, represented by ~35 attendees. The objective of the session was to provide a forum for networking and sharing of knowledge and lessons between the IPP projects, with the work undertaken […]

What Does Innovation Taste Like?

Original post here. SF Bay Coffee Company is a shining example of innovations for smallholder farmers in the African coffee business designed to improve livelihoods and sustainability. Farming five hectares in Kigoma Sector SF Bay’s 20,000 coffee trees sit at 1,743-1,935 metres above sea level. This location experiences varying temperature levels of 16-25 degrees, perfect for […]


Project & Product Information

Land Cover® plus Crops (Remote Sensing Applications Consultants) Overview Land Cover plus Crops is a solution developed by Remote Sensing Applications Consultants (RSAC) to provide detailed annually updated crop maps of Great Britain. It provides parcel-level information derived from Earth observation (EO) data for every field in the country. It is now being applied in developing countries to offer improved understanding of […]

Land Resource Evaluation Service for Agricultural Activity and Production (Booker Tate) Overview High resolution Earth observation (EO) imagery and digital surface models are used to provide rapid assessment of land resources for defining Areas of Interest (AOI) for more specific ground truthing via detailed topographical, soil and geotechnical surveys to assess land agriculture potential. This gives a rapid assessment of land potential for agriculture by […]

EO4Cultivar/Agri-track (Environment Systems) (IPP funded) Overview Agri-track enables agri-businesses to receive up-to- date crop monitoring and forecasting information in formats they are familiar with (data, alerts, maps) that are compatible with their own corporate or crop management systems, enabling them to make near-real time decisions based on crop intelligence that scales from the field to countrywide. Crop- specific monitoring […]