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Development from Space: A Summary of the IPP Midline Evaluation

The International Partnership Programme (IPP) is a five year, £30 million per year programme run by the UK Space Agency (UKSA). IPP uses the UK Space sector’s research and innovation strengths to deliver a sustainable economic, societal or environmental benefit to developing economies. IPP is funded from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy […]

Adoption and Impact of Earth Observation for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

This report is the result of a close and productive collaboration between ESA and some of the key International Financial Institutions (IFIs) over thelast decade. Together with the World Bank (WB), the Asian Development Bank (ADB), and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), ESA have been evaluating the benefits (quantitative and qualitative) that satellite […]

Economic evaluation of the International Partnership Programme (IPP): Cost-effectiveness Analysis

The International Partnership Programme (IPP) is a five year, £30 million per year programme run by the UK Space Agency (UKSA). IPP focuses strongly on using the UK space sector’s research and innovation strengths to deliver sustainable economic or societal benefits to emerging and developing economies around the world. It is part of and funded […]



Monitoring Tailing Dams at Mines using Earth Observation

Members of the International Partnership Programme travelled to Peru recently to visit one of their IPP projects which is looking at how satellite technology can be used to monitor Tailings Dams in the highlands of Peru. But what are tailings dams? Tailings are the residual material leftover from the mining process and are often toxic […]

UK Space Agency IPP – HR Wallingford Tailings Dams Peru

UK Space Agency International Partnership Programme has 33 IPP projects across 33 countries, with 122 private sector, academic and NGO organisations consortiums members and 112 international partners. See more details on the IPP projects here. A project with HR Wallingford is working to resolve is the issue of unstable and unsafe tailings dams in Peru. […]


Project & Product Information

Water Availability (Pixalytics) Overview Pixalytics has derived soil moisture content, water body height and water extent – which includes both water bodies and saturated ground – information using microwave data from Earth observation (EO) satellites that can be used to identify and map water sources and water availability. Microwave EO data has the benefit of not being […]

Watershed Management (Rezatec) Overview Effective catchment management is vital for water companies to achieve water quality without having to undertake expensive treatment downstream. This means mapping, measuring, monitoring and predicting change across landscapes within catchments in order to better understand the relationship between land use and water quality. Until now, water companies have found it difficult to […]