DAm Monitoring from SATellites (DAMSAT) (IPP Case Study)

DAm Monitoring from SATellites (DAMSAT) uses satellite technology to remotely monitor water and tailings dams and other tailings deposit areas. The project:

  • supports the reduction of the environmental and social impacts of water and tailings dams and other tailings deposits failures at 31 sites in the regions of Cajamarca, Pasco and Junín in Peru,
  • influences the adoption of Earth Observation monitoring tools by engaging with key stakeholders and developing capacity building activities,
  • provides government agencies timely information about dam health indicators over multiple sites in a non-invasive way and in a consistent manner irrespective of ownership
    or access. This will eventually increase the capacity of government oversight and help to create improved transparency in the operations and governance of the extractive sector.
  • demonstrates to dam operators the capability of multi asset monitoring of large areas with up to millimetre-level accuracy in real and near real time.