C-RISe Coastal Risk Information Service (IPP Case Study)

Coastal Risk Information Service (C-RISe) provides satellite-derived data on sea level, winds, waves and currents to support vulnerable coastal populations in adapting to the consequences of climate variability and change.

The project enables institutions in the partner countries of Madagascar, Mozambique and Mauritius, to work with the C-RISe products to inform decision-making. It enables effective uptake of C-RISe data by commercial and operational sectors in the region and contributes to the improved management of coastal regions, enabling these countries to build increased coastal resilience to natural hazards.

  •   C-RISe provides data essential for understanding coastal vulnerability to physical oceanographic hazards not otherwise available to partners, due to the lack of tide gauges in the region and the expertise required to process the satellite data.
  •   Software and training materials enable partners to validate and analyse these data in ways that are relevant to their specific needs and activities.
  •   Capacity building increases the understanding of the value of these data in addressing coastal risk. It also increases the number of organisations and individuals capable of working with satellite data, and facilitates work towards the application of data within Use Cases.
  •   The Use Cases facilitate operational uptake by the partners, integrating C-RISe data into their work streams and providing examples for dissemination and training. The C-RISe project is now in the legacy phase, having successfully delivered all its intended milestones, it is continuing to support partners in using the data. All data sets are currently being updated to extend the time coverage to 2020 and increase the spatial resolution of the sea level data using data from Envisat and AltiKa satellites.The project offers several opportunities to expand, including increasing the range of data and information provided; increased geographical coverage; and a wider capacity building remit. In building local capacity and focusing on the development of Use Cases in line with our partners’ needs, C-RISe has demonstrated the vast range of issues that these data can be used to understand and address.