Regional and National Rice Production Forecasting in Peru (IPP Case Study)

Remote Sensing Applications Consultants Ltd (RSAC) has developed a regional and national rice production forecasting system for Peru within the Regional and National Rice Production Forecasting in Peru project, part of the UK Space Agency’s (UKSA) International Partnership Programme (IPP). Overall, the project seeks to generate agrarian statistics on rice production required by government more efficiently – with improved accuracy, frequency and timeliness – enabling better management of supply at the national level and reduced crop price volatility. The project involved close collaboration with the Peruvian Government Ministry of Agricultural Development and Irrigation (Ministerio de Desarrollo Agrario y Riego, MIDAGRI) and in particular the staff of its Directorate of Agrarian Statistics (Dirección de Estadística Agraria, DEA), and support from Vivid Economics Ltd. The work follows on from a feasibility study undertaken in San Martín Region as part of an earlier IPP project.