SCYTALE is a lightweight, man portable satellite communications solution equipped with a satellite terminal that can provide ‘office type’ communications, including telephony, email, internet, video conferencing and wi-fi. Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) and can be carried by one or two persons depending on requirements. It does not rely on terrestrial mobile network infrastructure which is often lacking in rural areas or might be damaged during a disaster. Self-configuring and setup time in under 10 minutes to actual use of communications.

SCYTALE satellite communications equipment

Solution benefits

  • Does not rely on terrestrial mobile network infrastructure which is often lacking in rural areas or might be damaged during a disaster.
  • Global coverage so can be operated anywhere.
  • A scaleable system that can be for the first responders, up to a medium sized deployable headquarters, communities, relief camps and field hospitals.
  • Simple setup so the user does not need to be a communications engineer to setup or use the system.
  • Full 24 hours per day, all year round support and helpdesk available via email and phone.
  • Procure or lease options available to minimise upfront costs.
  • Wide range of airtime services available such as from Inmarsat, Avanti and Intelsat etc.
  • A complete end to end solution that includes: terminal-baseband-airtime-support and training.
  • Fully portable – so can be established on the ground, in a vehicle or a building.

Key technical features

  • System can be configured to operate with the user’s network which can be global.
  • Variable uplink and downlink speed from 0.5Mbps up to 20Mbps (synchronous or asynchronous).
  • Satellite terminals no larger than 65 centimetre.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephones.
  • Ethernet connectivity for internet access.
  • Optional PICOCELL (2G GSM) module to enable GSM capability in the field via SCYTALE.
  • GSM ‘bubble’ at the deployed location.
  • Battery or mains operated.
  • WAN and LAN interfaces allows end user to connect their own devices.
  • Shared bandwidth between many users and devices.
  • Communications can be secured by end user crypto devices.
  • IP Rated 65.
  • CE Marked.

Case studies

SatDRR is a disaster resilience project in Kenya with Avanti, supported by IPP. With GRC providing deployable systems with corresponding satellite terminals for disaster relief operations.

Five systems deployed in three central African countries for mining and mineral exploration.

Organisation overview

GRC Ltd is an independent UK SME Telecoms and Engineering company that designs and delivers RF and Satellite solutions for UK Defence, Government and Commercial sectors. Using COTS technology, the systems are able to be delivered quickly and can be supported in country or remotely via a 24/7 helpdesk. The capabilities are ideally suited for Aid Agencies, first responders and contingency operations where fast setup, reliable, deployable communications are needed.