Every Community Online (ECO) (Avanti)



To address the digital divide, provide connectivity and promote economic growth, Avanti developed Every Community Online (ECO), an end-to-end internet hotspot solution for rural Africa. It provides a reliable and integrated Wi-Fi hotspot solution that enables broadband satellite internet access for communities, schools, clinics and businesses.

ECO mobile application

Solution benefits

  • A reliable and integrated Wi-Fi hotspot solution that enables broadband satellite internet access for communities, schools, clinics and businesses.
  • Shared access via Wi-Fi hotspots dramatically reduces the cost for providing connections
    to individuals – the ECO service is price benchmarked against local mobile services.
  • Substantial data rate performance over 3G services.
  • Services can be offered across Avanti’s footprint in Africa and the Middle-East.
  • Provides governments, businesses and communities a way to address the digital divide and promote economic growth via connectivity.
  • Self-sustainable as the operational costs can be offset using the revenue generated from the sale of ECO credits.
  • Flexible platform enables multiple commercial models and white-labelling for customers.

Key technical features

  • High throughput very small aperture terminal (VSAT) delivering broadband internet of up to 50 Mbps downlink and 4 Mbps uplink.
  • Long range Wi-Fi capability for up to 400 metres with line of sight that can be shared by over 30 users simultaneously.
  • Accessible from any device that supports Wi-Fi including low cost smartphones commonly used in Africa.
  • Resilient power system protected against unstable AC power, brown-outs and indirect lightning strikes.
  • Solar powered version for stand-alone off-grid operation.
  • Easy installation through pre-wired components, comprehensive step-by-step user manuals and a mobile application to support the installation and commissioning process.
  • Weather proofed locked cabinet for electronic components.
  • Remote monitoring, configuration, updates of the main terminal components enabling easy troubleshooting.
  • A user-friendly ECO mobile application, allowing the user to purchase credits via credit card or mobile money.
  • A billing platform providing safe and secure way to manage user details and payments.
  • The ECO dashboard provides a simple web interface showing statistics on site specific usage and financial transactions.

Case studies

• The ECO solution has been deployed to 50 Tanzanian schools, as part of the project called iKnowledge, supported by IPP. Here, the solution provides internet to the school for free allowing teachers and students to access the most up- to-date online educational content but also enables the surrounding community to connect to the internet by purchasing credits on the ECO app using M-Pesa mobile payment.

• ECO is also being trialled in South Africa where a variety of applications are being addressed including: school connectivity projects, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs delivering Wi-Fi at retail points of sale (kiosks) and with internet service providers looking to deliver

Wi-Fi Hotspots to communities lacking internet access. Avanti is also providing similar satellite Wi-Fi solutions in Kenyan primary schools and community business incubation hubs.

Organisation overview

• Avanti has invested US$1.2 billion in the latest Ka-band satellite technology and shaped it to meet our customers’ aspirations:

  • governments that want to empower their digital economies
  • mobile operators that wish to bring ubiquitous coverage to their customers
  • enterprises that want to grow through digital productivity
  • security forces wishing to protect their sovereignty
  • people and communities that want to cross the digital divide
  • Through our HYLAS satellite fleet, we have extensive coverage of the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. With market-leading products, we work with local and international service providers to connect homes, grow businesses, extend mobile networks and work closely with governments.