Pixalytics Portal (Pixalytics)



Pixalytics Portal provides automated Earth observation products to potential customers without the need for specialist knowledge of EO. Currently, it includes floodwater mapping, water extent/saturated ground mapping, ocean colour water quality and turbidity mapping. The user chooses their product and select the geographical area on a map they prefer. Then, once they have paid, the portal automatically processes the data and provides the output in a GIS-friendly format.

Variability in the turbidity of the coastal ocean off Africa, with a plot of the lidar penetration depth over time for a specific location

Solution benefits

  • Affordable and cost-effective, automated Earth Observation products to enhance the opportunity for satellite data to be used by the wider community of non-experts.
  • Automated processing allows the products to be generated almost instantly for the geographic areas currently offered; worldwide versions of the product are available on request.
  • Offers costs savings over an individual user spending their time downloading and processing the data.
  • Combines the latest cutting-edge scientific algorithms with EO data to provide an up-to- date picture of what is happening on the planet.

Key technical features

  • Uses free data from the Sentinel missions and the United States (NASA/NOAA/USGS) missions including Landsat.
  • Uses EO data at a variety of spatial resolutions, down to 10 metre for the flood and water extent mapping products.
  • The temporal resolution of the data is limited by the availability of satellite acquisitions, which for the UK is normally every 5-6 days for both Sentinel-1 and 2.
  • Offers products using both optical and radar EO data – in particular, the radar data is used for the flood and water extent products that are subsequently not affected by cloudy conditions.

Case studies

The portal itself is currently in beta test format, although the water extent product is already in near real-time use across Uganda as part of the Drought and Flood Mitigation Service (DFMS), supported by IPP. It allows non-expert users to choose their geographical Areas of Interest (AOI), and then download constantly updated datasets in a GIS-friendly format.

Organisation overview

Pixalytics is a trusted independent Earth observation consultancy. We combine cutting-edge scientific knowledge with satellite and airborne data to provide answers to questions about our planet’s resources and behaviour. Our services include scientific consultancy, spatial analyses & data management, training, research and development services across both marine and terrestrial remote sensing. We offer some unique Earth observations products through our Pixalytics Portal and collaborations with other organisations linked to IPP projects and other activities.