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Peatland Assessment in SE Asia by Satellite (PASSES) – provides routine, cost effective, satellite- derived observations of ground motion over very wide areas of tropical peatland. Observations of ground motion are complemented by land use context and fire history. PASSES products inform enhanced restoration planning and subsequent assessment of the effectiveness of restoration interventions.

Prototype products showing land uplift or subsidence in Palankaraya, Indonesia

Solution benefits

  • Satellite Earth observation (EO) of peatland condition offers a cost-effective option for routine monitoring over very wide, often inaccessible areas of tropical peatland.
  • Drained or degraded peatland represents a substantial fire risk and large peatland wildfires contribute huge quantities of CO2 emissions – ground motion is a key indicator of peatland condition, linked to water table and CO2 emissions.
  • Ground motion detection in remote, vegetated areas from satellite is highly innovative and for peatland, is unique to PASSES.
  • Ground motion observations are complemented with land use mapping for enhanced interpretation. Land use mapping includes identification of recently burnt areas for improved understanding of fire risk.
  • Ground motion observations enable improved planning for restoration interventions with ongoing monitoring then providing subsequent assessment of the effectiveness of restoration interventions.

Key technical features

  • PASSES monitoring is satellite EO imagery intensive, the monitoring system is enabled on a state-of-the-art cloud-hosted processing platform enabling efficient access to large volumes of EO imagery and scalable processing resources.
  • PASSES products are available via a web interface and/or an application programming interface (API) for subsequent integration with other geospatial data. Users require a desktop/ laptop and a connection to the internet to access PASSES products.
  • Ground motion observations are based on Sentinel-1 radar.
  • Monitoring is based on freely available imagery, creating a cost-effective monitoring alternative.
  • Monitoring is cloud and weather independent, producing reliable planning inputs.
  • Monitoring is systematic, requiring minimal operator intervention.
  • Ground motion products are generated at 90 metre resolution.
  • Ground motion products are based on two-year time series and are updated every six months.
  • Land use products are generated at 20 metre resolution and are updated every six months.

Case studies

PASSES demonstration products are being prepared for two sites in Malaysia and for two sites in Indonesia. Across the four sites, applicability of PASSES products will be demonstrated for forest concessions, smallholder land use areas and agricultural plantations including oil palm and acacia wood. PASSES is supported by IPP and is still in the development phase.

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