To safeguard and restore natural habitats and ecosystems to preserve the planet’s biodiversity.

EO4cultivar – Increasing the resilience and sustainability of agricultural supply chains operating between Latin America and the UK (IPP case study)

This case study demonstrates the successes and learnings of EO4cultivar. It sets out the evidence of the project’s impact on commercial agricultural supply chains operating between Colombia, Peru, Paraguay and the UK. The project worked by: Using satellite imagery and data services to offer decision support tools that provide intelligence and insights on agricultural practices […]

Verumar (NLA International) (IPP funded)

Overview Verumar enhances the Philippine Government’s capability to conserve and sustainably usetheir oceans, seas and marine resources while contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 – Life below water. This is achieved by integrating and working in concert with the Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (DA-BFAR) and other stakeholders to scope […]

Ecometrica Forests 2020 (IPP Case Study)

Forests 2020 is a major investment by the UK Space Agency, as part of the International Partnerships Programme (IPP), to help protect and restore up to 300 million hectares of tropical forests by improving forest monitoring in six partner countries through advanced uses of satellite data. Forests 2020 approach has resulted in some outstanding examples […]

Renewable Energy Space Analytics Tool (RE-SAT) (Institute for Environmental Analytics) (IPP funded) Overview RE-SAT provides advanced data analytics to help energy planners and investors to locate renewable energy generators in order to optimise the amount of renewable energy generated, minimise their environmental impact and maximise the return on investment. Solution benefits Improve renewable energy planning through high-resolution estimates of power availability from renewable sources. Increase the […]

C-RISe Near Real Time Marine Information Service (Satellite Oceanographic Consultants Limited) (IPP funded) Overview C-RISe Near Real Time Marine Information  Service – provides hourly updated satellite derived information on marine weather conditions, to provide the latest information on waves and winds, supporting planning of marine operations and warning of severe conditions as they approach. Satellite Earth observation (EO) data provide a valuable source of information on marine […]

Deforestation prevention using land use monitoring and valuation (IMAGES) (Vivid Economics) (IPP funded)

Overview By estimating the value of alternative land uses, predicting forest loss and detecting it in near-   real time, IMAGES helps land managers and policymakers understand and prioritise trade-offs in unprecedented spatial, temporal and economic detail. Solution benefits Analyses land use change scenarios to understand implications of agricultural and forestry policy interventions compared to […]

Peatland Monitoring (CGI) (IPP funded as PASSES project) Overview Peatland Assessment in SE Asia by Satellite (PASSES) provides wide area observations of peat surface motion via the innovative PeatMotion product that can inform enhanced peatland restoration planning and assessment to assist with sustainable use of peatlands. Solution benefits PeatMotion offers cost effective and routine monitoring of surface motion over very wide and […]

EO4Cultivar/Agri-track (Environment Systems) (IPP funded) Overview Agri-track enables agri-businesses to receive up-to- date crop monitoring and forecasting information in formats they are familiar with (data, alerts, maps) that are compatible with their own corporate or crop management systems, enabling them to make near-real time decisions based on crop intelligence that scales from the field to countrywide. Crop- specific monitoring […]

Advanced Coffee Crop Optimisation for Rural Development (ACCORD) (Earth-i) (IPP funded) Overview Advanced Coffee Crop Optimisation for Rural Development (ACCORD) provides proactive, targeted crop management information to improve the livelihoods and incomes of smallholder coffee farmers in Rwanda and Kenya. The crop management advice, which is delivered via a mobile app, is derived from satellite Earth observation (EO) and advanced micro-climate information. The information helps […]

Ecological Production Management Information System (EcoProMIS) (Agricompas) (IPP funded) Overview The EcoProMIS platform is developed per crop and country to address the economical, technical and environmental challenges faced by a wide range of agricultural stakeholders. By combining satellite Earth observation (EO) with comprehensive crop production data we create “Knowledge for Free” for growers and partners, and “Decisions for a Fee” for customers. Solution […]