Ecological Production Management Information System (EcoProMIS) (Agricompas) (IPP funded)


The EcoProMIS platform is developed per crop and country to address the economical, technical and environmental challenges faced by a wide range of agricultural stakeholders. By combining satellite Earth observation (EO) with comprehensive crop production data we create “Knowledge for Free” for growers and partners, and “Decisions for a Fee” for customers.

Sugar beet production monitoring per individual field in East Anglia, UK (which is being adapted to Colombia)

Solution benefits

  • Integrating EO in the EcoProMIS platform provides accurate, timely and affordable information on crop conditions on a large geographic scale.
  • User agreements with growers, affordable and tested data collection technology, clever algorithms and a solid IT infrastructure secures reliable, detailed, timely and comprehensive crop production data.
  • Growers are provided with advice regarding crop management, inputs, soil and environmental information to improve decision making.
  • Decision support modules target various challenges, e.g. climate change and mitigation, competitiveness, pollution and socio-economic inequality.
  • These modules are: Productivity, Insurance, Finance, Supply Chain, Food Security, Environment, R&D and Data Mining.
  • Growers sign user agreements for access to free crop production knowledge in return for collecting and sharing part of the required data.
  • Highly scalable to other crops and geographies.
  • Improving gross margins as data collection tools get better and additional services are marketed.

Key technical features

  • Continuous collection of grower data including soil, inputs, management and biotic environmental data, during the crop production cycles.
  • Near-real time processing of crop production data and crop performance data with crop modelling, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Real time collection of weather station data per grower and production unit (i.e. field) including: camera traps can be used for monitoring wildlife, eddy covariance flux systems to measure carbon dioxide and methane emissions, and static chambers to measure nitrogenous oxides emissions.
  • The platform is cloud based and is designed on Microsoft Azure ICT infrastructure and does not require the user to have IT infrastructure e.g. servers. It is accessible via desktop/laptop and mobile devices via a web portal and via alerts and reports.
  • Uses free EO data from Sentinel and commercial EO data depending on the level of service provided.
  • Uses optical data Sentinel-2, radar for cloudy and night time from Sentinel-1, Sentinel-5 data for atmospheric composition, and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drone data.

Case studies

The EcoProMIS platform is being used in Colombia, supported by IPP. It will collect weather, greenhouse gases, and crop performance data (e.g. with satellite and UAV), while growers will provide data on inputs, management and soil. The data is processed with modelling, machine learning and artificial intelligence, into knowledge and insights for growers to produce better crops and into decision support services for users e.g. insurance firms.

Organisation overview

Agricompas is a specialist in agricultural data analytics. We build IT platforms that provide knowledge and decision support services to all stakeholders. In Colombia we lead and execute two Proof of Concept projects in oil palm, rice, and cacao with the growers and their federations. Our objective is to create sustainable agriculture by increasing productivity and profitability while minimising environmental impact and improving the socio-economic conditions of stakeholders. EcoProMIS is more than a promise!