Modelling Exposure Through Earth Observation Routines (METEOR) (IPP Case Study)

The METEOR project wanted to take a step-change in the application of EO exposure data by developing and delivering rigorous and open routines (protocols) and standards to allow quantitative assessment of exposure, with explicit uncertainties. In other words, to produce high quality data and models that can be used to improve decision-making in DRM. In particular we wanted to focus on countries with fewer resources available to meet the ever-rising risks and consequences of disasters. We chose to focus on countries receiving Official Development Assistance (ODA)9, with deeper effort in Nepal and Tanzania, working closely with partners in those countries.

EO-based exposure data were produced for all 47 ODA countries, while the protocols and standards for developing locally calibrated exposure data were tested and validated in Nepal and Tanzania to ensure they are fit-for-purpose. The process of building capacity and co-delivering new, consistent, high quality data will promote welfare and economic development in these countries, and demonstrate the applicability of the techniques elsewhere.