Space Solutions for Development

UK Space Agency

A new directory showcases the range of UK expertise in satellite technology and how it can help tackle problems such as illegal deforestation, disaster response and food production.

  • New register of UK space companies will promote services abroad
  • List includes more than 50 solutions for global challenges, such as natural disasters and food production
  • Governments and Non-Governmental Organisations can work together with UK space companies to benefit communities and save lives.

UK Science Minister Chris Skidmore said:

“We can be proud that many of the companies at the cutting edge of the latest space technologies are based right here in the UK, providing high skilled, well paid jobs right across the country.”

“Today‚Äôs new directory showcases what the UK space industry has to offer, giving details of what is already being achieved as far afield as Asia, Africa and South America, and offering a single place to tap into this expertise and these services.”

“The huge growth opportunity for the UK space sector is supported through our modern Industrial Strategy, promoting both here and abroad the best that British businesses can offer, helping deliver thousands of highly skilled jobs and boosting our economy.”

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