SatComms for Climate and Disaster Resilience (SatDRR) (Avanti) (IPP funded)


Communication between emergency services, disaster responders and the public is critical in delivering fast, meaningful responses during emergencies or disasters. Avanti supplies high throughput fixed and mobile satellite connectivity providing secure, reliable, always-on voice and data communications in emergency situations.

Avanti HYLAS Satellite Fleet Combined Coverage

Solution benefits

  • Satellite communications provide a secure, reliable, always-on communications infrastructure.
  • Supports governments and public safety services to maintain command & control, situational awareness and continuity of operations in chaotic emergency situations.
  • Supports operations where terrestrial communications are absent or compromised due to damage by natural disasters.
  • Offers rapid deployment to emergency scenes with man-portable or vehicle communications.
  • Augments the coverage, capacity & resilience of land radio networks.
  • Provides resilient backbone communications to headquarters & critical sites.
  • Supports fast network restoration post-emergency.

Key technical features

  • Avanti’s HYLAS satellite fleet exclusively utilises Ka-band High Throughput Satellite (HTS) technology delivering capability across Europe, Africa and the Middle East with many operational advantages over legacy very small aperture terminal (VSAT) systems.
  • Increased throughputs with speeds in excess of 50Mbps down and 10Mbps up.
  • High spectral efficiency dramatically reducing bandwidth cost for users.
  • Local Wi-Fi and cellular (mobile) breakouts.
  • Support for multiple users, devices and rich data applications such as voice-over-IP, video conferencing and situational awareness platforms.
  • A range of VSAT terminal solutions for fixed, deployable and mobile communications.
  • Small form factor terminals (<70cm diameter) with rapid deploy and self-install features offering high capability to field teams on short notice.

Case studies

Avanti Communications is leading the Satellite Enablement for Disaster Risk Reduction in Kenya (“SatDRR Kenya”) project, supported by IPP. The project supports the Kenyan Ministry of Interior, Red Cross Society and other agencies by providing secure fixed and mobile satellite communications via Avanti’s Ka-band satellite, HYLAS 2, for emergency situations such as conflict, famine, floods and disease outbreaks. The SatDRR Kenya satellite communications network enables emergency responders and humanitarian organisations to act quickly and effectively on the ground. The project also provides Earth observation (EO) data to improve Kenya’s pre- and post-disaster strategy and planning, as well as capacity building and knowledge transfer services for users.

Consortium members include: Torchlight Group Limited, Airbus Defence and Space & Global Radiodata Communications.

Organisation overview

Avanti has invested US$1.2 billion in the latest Ka- band satellite technology and shaped it to meet our customers’ aspirations:

  • governments that want to empower their digital economies
  • mobile operators that wish to bring ubiquitous coverage to their customers
  • enterprises that want to grow through digital productivity
  • security forces wishing to protect their sovereignty
  • people and communities that want to cross the digital divide

Through our HYLAS satellite fleet, Avanti have extensive coverage of the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. With market-leading products, Avanti work with local and international service providers to connect homes, grow businesses, extend mobile networks and work closely with governments.