Earth and Sea Observation System (EASOS) (Satellite Applications Catapult)

Product by Satellite Applications Catapult


EASOS is a solution that automatically ingests multiple forms of Earth observation (EO) data. It stores, manages and provides the data to multiple analytic engines creating high-value environmental intelligence that is delivered through lightweight applications that address problems in specific sectors like forestry, disaster resilience and maritime. Currently the system comprises of FloodWatch, ForestWatch and MarineWatch products.

Solution benefits

  • Rapid and cost-effective creation of applications to meet key environmental, societal and disaster management challenges.
  • Flexible allowing automatic connection and ingestion of multiple forms of data including (but not limited to) GPS, satellite imagery, mapping layers, live telemetry from the field, environmental and weather.
  • High levels of automation deliver rapid analysis of the environment at a fraction of the cost of existing systems.
  • Scalable from local to regional and national scale and capable of deploying globally.
  • Flood risk and prediction, deforestation monitoring and marine oil pollution identification and modelling already available within the system.
  • Integrates the very best of British commercial and academic technology from multiple organisations.
  • Development paths underway looking at solutions for agriculture, mining, insurance and other applications.

Key technical features

  • Flood risk modelling, seven-day forecasting and impact assessment available.
  • Seven-day deforestation monitoring with  access to high-resolution same-day imagery for targeted analysis.
  • Pervasive wide-area monitoring of oil pollution with 72 hour forward modelling to support coastal impact mitigation activity.
  • Specialised data ingestion routines able to consume and process almost any mapping, imagery, live tracking and EO data.
  • Analytic engine management system able to connect to routines to support any applications including change detection, object identification, monitoring, landscape management and illegal activity.
  • A range of lightweight decision support tools delivered through secure browser technology.
  • High levels of automation throughout the system minimises cost of operation and increases speed of processing.

Case studies

The EASOS solution is currently deployed across Malaysia with three key services – FloodWatch,

MarineWatch and ForestWatch. Delivering high-value decision support through a series of lightweight applications, the system is almost

entirely automated, reducing cost and mitigating delays. Currently the system is:

  • monitoring flood risk for planning and predicting flood events seven days in advance for 30,000 square kilometres of river basins
  • identifying de-forestation events every week across 50,000 hectares of high-value protected forestry across three Malaysian states
  • finding oil slicks across 300,000 square kilometres of Malaysia’s marine exclusive economic zone and identifying where they may travel over the coming 72 hours

Organisation overview

The Satellite Applications Catapult is an independent innovation and technology company, created by Innovate UK to drive economic growth through the exploitation of space. We work with businesses of all sizes to realise their potential from space infrastructure and its applications. Based in Harwell, Oxfordshire, the Catapult was established in May 2013 as one of a network of centres to accelerate the take-up of emerging technologies and drive economic impact for the UK. We are a not-for-profit research organisation which is registered as a private company limited by guarantee and controlled by its Board.