Energy Transition

Seizing the massive opportunities of cheaper renewables and storage.

gEOthermalKenya, Osmanos Analytics (IPP funded)

During the week of world humanitarian day, Omanos Analytics and  Global Surface Intelligence  (GSI) are delighted to announce the launch of gEOthermalKenya: Earth Observation Insights for Sustainable Growth of the Kenyan Geothermal Sector. Supported by the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Programme, gEOthermal Kenya is one of 10 new pioneering UK space projects that will tackle development problems worldwide.

Renewable Energy Space Analytics Tool (RE-SAT) (Institute for Environmental Analytics) (IPP funded) Overview RE-SAT provides advanced data analytics to help energy planners and investors to locate renewable energy generators in order to optimise the amount of renewable energy generated, minimise their environmental impact and maximise the return on investment. Solution benefits Improve renewable energy planning through high-resolution estimates of power availability from renewable sources. Increase the […]