Satellite Applications for Development and Humanitarian Challenges

A catalogue of satellite applications from around the world that address sustainable development and humanitarian challenges. This catalogue demonstrates the various use cases for which space technology can be applied and gives examples of applications that have been developed and deployed.

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  • SENCE (Environment Systems) Overview Natural capital is those elements of the natural environment which provide valuable goods and services to people. SENCE provides maps of natural capital stocks to show how well areas of land are able to support ecosystem services such as: food provision, flood protection, pollination, carbon storage, diversity of plants and animals. Decision- makers […]

  • Deforestation prevention using land use monitoring and valuation (IMAGES) (Vivid Economics) (IPP funded)

    Overview By estimating the value of alternative land uses, predicting forest loss and detecting it in near-   real time, IMAGES helps land managers and policymakers understand and prioritise trade-offs in unprecedented spatial, temporal and economic detail. Solution benefits Analyses land use change scenarios to understand implications of agricultural and forestry policy interventions compared to […]

  • Land Cover Mapping (Remote Sensing Applications Consultants) (IPP funded) Overview Remote Sensing Applications Consultants (RSAC) offers bespoke land cover and land use mapping services based on Sentinel and commercial high- resolution satellite Earth observation (EO) data. Present day and historical output maps are suitable for development planning, including site suitability analysis relating to REDD+ afforestation projects, and input to natural capital valuation systems. […]

  • Ground Motion Maps for Environmental Monitoring (Terra Motion Limited) Overview Terra Motion Ltd. uses satellite radar data to provide comprehensive land surface motion monitoring that can be used to assess the health of tropical peatland and also provide geospatial intelligence on issues related to long term environmental land motion including mining, geoenergy, urbanisation and groundwater management. Using our novel ISBAS InSAR technique, anywhere […]

  • Peatland Monitoring (CGI) (IPP funded as PASSES project) Overview Peatland Assessment in SE Asia by Satellite (PASSES) provides wide area observations of peat surface motion via the innovative PeatMotion product that can inform enhanced peatland restoration planning and assessment to assist with sustainable use of peatlands. Solution benefits PeatMotion offers cost effective and routine monitoring of surface motion over very wide and […]

  • Carbon Data Model Framework (CARDAMOM) (University of Edinburgh) Overview CARDAMOM provides robust analysis of forest carbon stocks and their dynamics. By combining a range of Earth observation (EO) data with a model that provides a forecast capability for forest fire risk, climate sensitivity, and carbon sequestration capacity. Solution benefits Provides a full assessment of the forest carbon and water balance, stocks and […]

  • Forests 2020 & ForestWatch Optical Change Detection (University of Leicester) (IPP funded as Forests 2020 project) Overview Forests 2020 and ForestWatch-Optical (two separate products) deliver land cover and forest cover change information gathered from satellite Earth observation (EO) optical and radar data to end users at least every five days to monitor large land areas across the globe using custom-made solutions. Solution benefits High frequency and large area mapping of […]

  • Forest Disturbance Early Warning System (FDEWS) (Remote Sensing Applications Consultants) Overview The Forest Disturbance Early Warning System (FDEWS) provides regularly updated information about likely forest disturbances, even when skies are cloudy. Maps show disturbances that have occurred since baseline, with the date of first detection. These products readily improve knowledge of forest change and enable proactive intervention by the relevant authorities. Solution benefits Enables […]

  • Forest Change Mapping (Telespazio VEGA UK) Overview Designed to facilitate better management of tropical forests and find illegal logging in near real time, Forest Change Mapping highlights areas of change. Targeted at government users, and state level actors, interested in tropical forests, the forest change mapping service utilises high resolution radar data that is unaffected by clouds which often plague […]