EO4cultivar – Increasing the resilience and sustainability of agricultural supply chains operating between Latin America and the UK (IPP case study)

This case study demonstrates the successes and learnings of EO4cultivar. It sets out the evidence of the project’s impact on commercial agricultural supply chains operating between Colombia, Peru, Paraguay and the UK. The project worked by:

  • Using satellite imagery and data services to offer decision support tools that provide intelligence and insights on agricultural practices
  • Assisting with the uptake of this new knowledge and automation into agri- business workflows; and,
  • Building capability in partner countries, which included fully-funding three Latin American students to study for their PhDs in the UK at partner universities.

Increased resilience in the face of climate change is needed not just on farms, but in the surrounding landscapes that provide many of the resources on which production is dependent, so EO4cultivar addressed the challenges that supply chains face in two complimentary ways:

  1. Production and supply challenges: Agri-track is a suite of near real-time crop monitoring and forecasting products derived from satellite imagery. Agri-track delivers new data and insights to meet differing needs across the supply chain at farm, regional and national scale.
  2. Environmental issues: SENCE is a natural capital evaluation tool that supports projects and initiatives to take action to address environmental issues in the local landscape. SENCE uses satellite data, alongside other data, to map where the environment is working well and identify the right locations to take action for restoration and sustainable land management using natural capital approaches (nature- based solutions).