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Space for Agriculture in Developing Countries

Different decades have brought excitement about the potential for new technologies such as mobile phones to help to transform agriculture in developing countries. The use of space technology in agriculture is not a new phenomenon but in developing countries, the advances and impacts of ‘space for agriculture’ projects are not very well known. Space technology and the use of satellite earth observation data has great potential to benefit agriculture globally, especially in developing countries.

A new report written by Caribou Space, ‘Space for Agriculture in Developing Countries’, provides an introduction to why and how space solutions can help to tackle issues such as low agricultural production, increasing demand for food and resources, extreme weather patterns and pest outbreaks caused by climate change and unsustainable use of natural resources in developing countries.

The report provides an overview of existing space for agriculture solutions and the different business models. Once the opportunity is outlined, the report also provides detailed next steps on how to go about developing or integrating a space for agriculture solution. The report is intended for different audiences with the primary audience being the development and agriculture sectors.

See: Space for Agriculture in Developing Countries.